Special Offer on Radiators

Special Offer on T21 and T22 Radiators

Please note: All prices displayed in this radiators promotion are valid until 31 March 2019. Call 01689 824199 for further details.

Introducing our special offers on Type 21 (Panel+) and Type 22 (K2) radiators.  The perfect fit for functionality and elegant design. Thanks to state-of-the art production lines, all our panel radiators comply with DIN EN 442 standards and have a 10 year manufacturers’ warranty.

  • High thermal efficiency
  • Practical installation
  • Mounted top and side cover
  • Max. 10 bar working pressure
  • Max. water heat 110ºC
  • Manufactures’ 10 year warranty

Our price smash includes Type 21 panel radiators in 600mm high and 800mm, 1000mm, 1200mm and 1400mm widths. A compact 70mm depth (97mm to 112mm when mounted on the wall). The Type 21 Panel Radiator (also referred to as Panel+) uses two panels and one row of convector fins, which means you still get an impressive heat output without the floorspace of a Type 22 double panel, double convector radiator. These efficient versatile radiators can be installed in any room with an elegant design to complement your interior.

Also included in the deal are our Type 22 panel radiators; 600mm high in 1000mm and 1200mm widths. Our Type 22 Panel Radiators are robust at 105mm depth (131mm to 146mm when mounted on the wall). The Type 22 Panel Radiator (also referred to as K2) uses two panels and 2 row of convector fins, which means you get even more heat generated more efficiently. A perfect heater for rooms with external walls, high ceilings or larger floor space.